Before we can weigh in your scrap you will need to register with us and open an EMR account. You can do this using our online form.

When all your details have been submitted you will be sent a digital EMR Account card. With your EMR account card you will be able to drop your metal at any one of our UK sites and all payments will be made direct to your bank.

Completing the registration form

Please fill in all fields on the account registration form below as accurately as possible. The contact details you provide will be used to contact you about your transactions with us and any important information you need. If you consent to marketing communications, we will use your preferred form of contact to send you offers and information about our services.


Selecting your preferred yard

The form asks you to choose which yard you would prefer to use to drop of your materials. You don't always have to use the yard you have picked though, with and EMR account yard you can choose from any of our 60+ locations. You can view the addresses and opening times of our UK sites.

Identification needed

Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced, all buyers of scrap metal, including mobile collectors, must ask you for a copy of a form of photo identification. Additionally, so that we can pay you we also need proof of your address. For more details on all the forms of identification we accept, please click here.

Uploading your identification

There are a number of ways in which you can upload your identification documents.

If you have a digital copy already stored on your computer or device then simply click on the "choose file" button, locate the file on your computer or device and upload it.

If you only have a paper or physical version (your passport or drivers licence card etc.) then you can either:

  • Take a photo of the document and upload the image to your computer, or
  • Use a scanner to make a copy of the document that you can email to your computer

You can then click on the choose file button, locate the file on your computer or device and upload.


If you prefer payment direct to your bank account, please provide your bank details. Cheque cashing is available at many EMR yards as an alternative payment method.

What happens next?

When you have completed the form and clicked "REGISTER", we will set up your account. When your account is ready you will receive an email or SMS containing your digital EMR account card.

You are then ready to start supplying your metal to EMR! Find out more about how to sell to us here.

If you have any questions about registering for an EMR account please email or call 01925 715400.