EMR making donation

Darlington Borough Council’s Young People’s Engagement & Justice Service has received a boost to its ‘Bushcraft’ programme from local metal recycling site EMR Darlington, which is based on Cleveland Trading Estate.

Having supported the service back in 2019, EMR has offered its continued support and helped to facilitate the service’s ‘Bushcraft’ programme.

Aiming to engage young people between the ages of 10 and 17 years in activities which will reduce their chance of reoffending, the programme equips them with the survival skills needed in the outdoors. EMR has sponsored 40 young people who will develop knowledge around medicinal foliage, as well as learning survival skills such as building shelters and outdoor cooking.

Councillor Jon Clarke, cabinet member for children and young people, said:

“The Young People’s Engagement & Justice Service, which has provided support to young people since 2000, has the goal of preventing re-offending by offering adolescents with the chance to develop life skills and take part in activities which will not only enhance their lives, but also have a positive impact on their communities.

“Its overall mission is to make Darlington a safer place for all and to improve the opportunities of young people, so that they can lead lives free of criminality.”

Darren Hart, Operations Manager at EMR Darlington, illustrated why it is important for him and his team to support the organisation:

“Young people are often not afforded with the same opportunities due to mistakes that they have made in the past, but I am a strong believer that everyone should have the same chance to build a successful future for themselves.

“Myself and the team are proud to support Darlington Young Peoples Engagement & Justice Service in the vital work they do to reduce crime rates in the local area and promote positive choices in young people. We look forward to seeing all of the amazing work that will be done as a result of this partnership.”

Leanne Hopper at Darlington Young Peoples Engagement & Justice Service added:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with EMR and are extremely grateful for the sponsorship allowing the service to engage young people in the bushcraft project which is something completely new and exciting for them. Our overall aim of the project is to increase young people’s knowledge of their natural surroundings whilst improving self-esteem and confidence.”

EMR’s Young Futures Reimagined programme, launched in 2020, aims to support young people up and down the country who are impacted by circumstances beyond their control. The metal recycler partners with local charities which offer individuals opportunities that may otherwise have been unattainable.