EMR launches webinar series detailing its decarbonisation commitments

EMR is set to offer a series of webinars outlining how it plans to become a net-zero business.

EMR launches webinar series detailing its decarbonisation commitments

With the COP26 summit taking place in Glasgow from the 1st to 12th November, EMR will share its plans to decarbonise the different functions within its business. Offering an insight into the progress that has been made since EMR launched its ‘Decade of Action’ commitment and its plans for the future, the recycler will offer the following webinars:


- September 30th 2021: Logistics – Transporting materials in a carbon neutral way

- October 5th 2021: Operations – Mechanically processing materials and moving them on site

- October 12th 2021: Commercial – Supporting our customers to become net-zero


With speakers from EMR’s UK team including Ian Sheppard, Managing Director - Metal Recycling, Simon Wood, Director - Logistics and Steve Bareham, Director - Southern Region, there is a chance to hear from a whole host of figures who are key to EMR’s Decade of Action, the strategy which will take EMR forward on the first part of its journey to net-zero carbon emissions.


Ian Sheppard shared his thoughts on the upcoming webinar series:

“In our race to net-zero emissions, we are keen to work together with our industry, customers, suppliers and communities to share best practice around decarbonisation. These webinars will share EMR’s plans and the progress that we have already made towards reaching our ambition of becoming a net-zero business by 2040.

“The COP26 summit in Glasgow offers British industry the chance to showcase how it plans to lead the rest of the world in the global effort to ensure a sustainable future. We are excited to share with you how we are progressing on our journey.”


Find out more about each of the webinars and sign up here.