Care leavers offered vital support with partnership between metal recycler EMR and The Roberts Centre

Local metal recycler, EMR Portsmouth, has offered its continued support to children’s charity The Roberts Centre.

Steve Simper, Operations Manager at EMR Portsmouth awards donation to The Roberts Centre

The Roberts Centre supports children throughout Portsmouth, offering a range of services to aid young people experiencing a number of issues, from homelessness and poverty, to antisocial behaviour. Programmes such as The Boost Project, which offers on-going support to care leavers until the age of 25, provide irreplaceable support for young people as they transition through turbulent periods of their lives.


In reaffirming their commitment to The Roberts Centre, EMR has offered a £3,000 donation to enable the charity to support care leavers. With this donation 30 16-25 year old care leavers will be able to attend a trip to the local Fairthorne Manor, an activity helping them build their confidence, improve their communication skills and develop friendships which will act as a support system as they transition into independent living. Young people will also receive access to interactive subscriptions to help them deal with anxiety and stress.


Steve Simper, Operations Manager at EMR Portsmouth, commented:

“The world can be a scary place for young people leaving care. The work that The Roberts Centre carries out supports young people through this transition and offers them a place to go for support should they need it.

“Having previously supported The Roberts Centre, I know that the services they offer will help young people to develop coping mechanisms which they will take with them into adultlife.”


Carol Damper of The Roberts Centre added:

“Thank you to Steve, Operations Manager and the wonderful Team at EMR Portsmouth for donating an amazing £3,000, funding activities for 50 young people who have had a tough time.

“In these times when everyone has had a grim time, it is so inspiring that again Steve and staff and a company like EMR based in Dundas Road Spur Portsmouth want to reach out to help.”


The Roberts Centre are one of a number of charities, social enterprises and community groups to partner with EMR as part of its Young Futures Reimagined programme, an initiative which aims to support young people affected by circumstances out of their control and help them to build bright futures.