EMR Metal Recycling supports Llamau to improve the life skills of young homeless people in Wales

Cardiff-based charity, Llamau, has received a £1,000 donation from local metal recycler, EMR.

EMR Cardiff donation presentation

Set up over 30 years ago, Llamau is dedicated to ending homelessness and changing futures. The charity believes that no young person or woman should experience homelessness. Since then, the charity has supported more than 67,000 individuals with a safe place to stay and with tailored support to rebuild their futures.

The donation will be used to buy learning materials to help around 60 young people, aged from 16 to 24, achieve the accreditations and life skills that will improve their employability, grow their confidence, and help them gain independence.

“It’s thanks to support and working with organisations like EMR that we can support young people to become independent and free from homelessness. Around 7,000 young people in Wales ask for help with homelessness each year and these are the people asking for help, the true figure is likely much higher. But with working with EMR and other organisations across Wales we can reduce this number and aim to make homelessness a thing of the past.”

— Michael Houghton of Llamau.

Llamau was put forward to receive support from the EMR Young Futures Reimagined fund by the team at EMR’s recycling depot at Roath Dock, Cardiff. Peter McCarthy, EMR Operations Manager said:

“Homelessness is a frightening reality for thousands of vulnerable people across Wales. We hope our support will help Llamau in its fantastic work to not only provide safe, warm, and caring accommodation, but also equip young people in Wales with the skills and confidence to find employment opportunities and enjoy bright and worthwhile futures.”

To learn more about the work of Llamau, visit: www.llamau.org.uk.