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We offer different payment options so that you can choose your preferred payment method when bringing your metal to your local EMR. Remember that each site offers different payment methods, and you might need to bring your ID and proof of address to get paid. Please check below all our payment options which are offered at your local EMR scrap yard.

Bank Transfer

At our EMR scrap metal yards offer direct payment to your bank for a quick, secure, contact-free, experience. If you are a new customer, you will need photo ID and proof of address. Please see here to find out what forms of ID we can accept. Don’t worry about providing your details and ID: as part of a well-established, international company, we take data protection seriously and have all the systems in place to keep your details safe.

Bank Transfer Through the Customer Portal

Selected EMR yards offer bank transfer through our customer portal. With the portal payment option, you can weigh in your metal and decide when to get paid. Just scan the QR code on your payment ticket with a mobile phone and no more waiting at the payment office!

The customer portal will enable you to access to all your EMR visits and tickets. You can also request multiple tickets in one transaction to avoid transaction fees.

Cheque Cashing

Selected EMR yards offer cheque cashing on-site. If it is your first time cashing a cheque you will need to provide the correct ID and complete a registration form. After that you'll need to provide ID every time you use the service.


Selected EMR yards offer ATM services for a quick way to get paid on-site. Simply scan the QR code on your ticket using the ATM machine, confirm the amount on screen, and your money will be dispensed.

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