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Registering Or Renewing Your Account
How To Register For An EMR Account

Your account can be created at any EMR depot by giving some basic details to the payment office, or online by completing this form.

You will then be issued with an EMR Customer Loyalty Card which will be scanned on every visit. This will ensure quick access to your information and speed up waiting times at the weighbridge/payment office.

To register for an account you will need to produce the following pieces of information:

  1. Proof of ID
    • Valid UK photo driving licence or
    • Valid UK passport or
    • Valid EEA passport or
    • Valid UK biometric immigration document or
    • Valid EU National ID card or
    • Valid UK Firearm/Shotgun licence


  2. Proof of Address (dated within the last three months)
    • Bank or building society statement or
    • Credit or debit card statement or
    • Mortgage statement or
    • Council tax demand letter or statement or
    • Council rent book/Benefit book or
    • Council/Housing Association agreement or
    • HMRC correspondence or
    • TV licence or
    • UK Firearm/Shotgun licence or
    • Utility bill (not a mobile phone bill) or
    • Water bill

How To Renew Your Account

To ensure that we are able to process your payments quickly and correctly, we need to keep our records up-to-date.

Every 3 months we will need to see an up-to-date copy of your proof of address (dated within the last 3 months), in order to keep your EMR account active.

Please see above for examples of acceptable documents.

Your depot will remind you when you are required to update your documentation.
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