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Welcome to EMR.
If you have scrap metal to sell we’re here to help you. With over 75 yards around the country you’re never far from a friendly, efficient EMR Local service.
With a heritage dating back to the 1940s we’ve built up plenty of experience to share with you. Our global business trades metal on a daily basis so we can offer you the best market rates and as a professional scrap metal recycler you can be confident that we have all the required permits and procedures in place to keep you, and our staff, safe. Whether you’re new to metal recycling, experienced in obtaining the best value for your scrap metal, a member of the public or established business, contact your EMR Local scrap yard.

We buy all grades of ferrous and non ferrous metals and scrap cars from the public and trade, read more about what we buy

Find out more about selling your scrap metal to EMR, what you should bring with you, whether you need to set up an account, is collection available and choose how to be paid

Market Outlook

There is a bearish outlook across most commodities and metals are no exception. With Western economies still in recovery mode and with the growth rate continuing to slow in some of the developing world, especially  China, this outlook is expected to continue for some time.

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