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With schools closed across the UK, we want to ensure we are still able to teach children about metals and the importance of recycling. ‘Recyclabots’, our free schools programme brought to you in partnership with Currys PC World, aims to teach younger generations about metals and recycling and to inspire children to make positive environmental changes. We have developed a series of free interactive workbooks that can be downloaded weekly, so kids can still learn about metal recycling from home.

Recyclabots week two activity

In week two we are introducing children to metal in all of its forms with its many properties.

Download week two's free activity

Recyclabots week one activity

For week one's activity introduce your child to our Recyclabots with these fun colouring sheets.

Download Week One’s free activity


Did you know… Creating products out of recycled metal uses around seventeen times less energy than creating the same products from newly mined metal.

Did you know… Silver conducts electricity better than any other metal.

Did you know… Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to power your TV for three hours.

Did you know… An aluminium drinks can is the world’s most recycled packaging container.