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Scrap Metal
What you can sell to us
What can I sell?

If it's metal it's likely we'll buy it. This includes all ferrous and non-ferrous materials in any volume.

We buy and sell millions of tons of scrap metal around the world every year, so even if you have very small quantities to sell, we can offer you great pricing.

Whatever form your scrap metal comes in, ferrous, non-ferrous, small or large volumes, aluminium, braziery, bronze, copper, brass, lead, tin, alloys, stainless steel, iron, cable, domestic scrap , factory scrap, construction/demolition, copper tanks, radiators, wire, turnings, pots and pans, scrap cars, catalytic converters, the list goes on we buy it all.
Ferrous light iron
Ferrous heavy melting scrap
Cast iron
Construction steel
Copper cylinders and tanks
High grade cable
Low grade cable
Scrap cars
Alloy wheels
Whether you have tidied your shed and have a small, one-off collection of scrap metal or ongoing, larger volumes pop along to your EMR local.
Can I scrap my car with EMR?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring your car to any of our Authorised Treatment Facility depots. You can be confident that we will scrap any vehicle in a legal and environmentally friendly manner using our purpose built, depollution rigs. We extract all the operating fluids, and remove batteries, wheels and hazardous parts and as an ATF, comply with all regulatory requirements. And of course, as you’d expect from a nationwide operator, we pay you promptly.

What is it worth, do you collect?

If you want to know the value or you’d like to discuss collection, contact us here. Don't forget to tell us the make and model of your vehicle so that we can offer you the best price first time.

So for a simple way to scrap your car, come along to EMR.
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