EMR Gets Nature Positive

Global metal and plastics recycler EMR is helping UK business to become nature positive, sharing best practice ideas and insights as part a landmark campaign.

EMR shows it support for the Get Nature Positive campaign

This week, EMR is one of more than 70 high profile companies joining DEFRA’s Get Nature Positive initiative, which is being officially launched this week at COP26. Get Nature Positive is a collaboration between business and government highlighting that “living out of balance with nature” is broader than just climate change, and that good business and enhancing nature go hand in hand.


The waste and recycling industry is a sector where the direct impact of human consumption on nature is abundantly clear. The more we consume, the more natural resources we demand and the more waste and pollution we produce.


The biggest impact the recycling industry can have on nature is the application of circular economy principles to reduce the impact of the extraction of natural resources such as fossil fuels (plastics and energy), trees (paper, packaging and timber), sand, minerals and metals.


As a member of the Council for Sustainable Business (CSB), EMR has supported the creation of a new online nature handbook GetNaturePositive.com that aims to promote awareness and share good practice on these broader nature issues.


The handbook toolkit is designed to be relevant and relatable to a wide range of sectors, showcasing some of the ways businesses are becoming more nature positive. As well as helping the planet, these changes ultimately support companies’ long-term financial sustainability.


The handbook also includes examples of how good business practice actively contributes to the general well-being of all parts of society.


Chris Sheppard, Group CEO at EMR, said:

“We are delighted to be involved in the Get Nature Positive initiative.

“For the last decade we have seen an extraordinary acceleration of both understanding and action on the issue of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. However, this action simply stems from the fact we are simply living out of balance with nature.

“Mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is universal in its impact on nature but is also now well understood, even if the challenge is significant.

“We now need to ensure that the broader subject of nature and biodiversity has the same focus on the agendas of business and government. By working together, we will get there faster. Science needs to be turned into practical action by business and the right regulation by governments.

“We would like the Get Nature Positive campaign to act as a catalyst to accelerate a more circular economy through better product design, both for durability and end of life. The impact of a reduced need for raw materials on climate change, nature and biodiversity is profound.”